Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AppEngine Datastore and memcache

I miss Hibernate collections. In the following code I access the collection a thousand times:

class Master(db.Model):

class Detail(db.Model):


for i in range(1000):
  for tmp_d in m.detail_set:

The above code takes a few second to execute. The reason is Datastore fetches the collection from the storage every time, and in Hibernate the collection would be fetched from the database only once until the end of the session. Oops, no sessions with Datastore. So Datastore developers were right when they opted to fetch collection every time - they don't know when the details change.

This is the reason Master cannot be put in memcache effectively: it would be stored without the Details. Master.detail_set holds only the definition of the query needed to get the details. So I'm thinking of a way I could decorate ReferenceProperty to make one-to-many relations suitable for the memcache. So big object trees will be read from Datastore once and then accessible in a fast way.

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