Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cached ReferenceProperty: now with round trip

One thing was really missing in a CachedReferenceProperty - cached round trip. Suppose we have the following one-to-many relationship:

class Master(db.Model):

class Detail(db.Model):

By cached round trip here I mean that when a master holds a cached collection of details, those details reference the same master, so going back and forth from master to details does not make any database hits.

To make it possible, I replaced collection builder in _CachedReverseReferenceProperty from this:

  res=[c for c in query]

to this:

  for c in query:
    resolved_name='_RESOLVED_'+self.__prop #WARNING: using internal
    setattr(c, resolved_name, model_instance)
    res += [c]

Very ugly, need an idea how to eliminate using internal attribute. The whole source file is here.

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